Why Singapore is the Gateway to Asia


Small Island, BIG Innovation

Singapore: The gateway to the Asia Connectivity Hub

Singapore, known as the “Lion City,” is as courageous as it is loud when it comes to technology and innovation. Its desirable and strategic location in the center of Asia empowers enterprises to access the area’s most rapidly emerging markets easily. Home of one of the world’s most advanced IT infrastructures, Singapore’s vast connectivity further bolsters its position as not only the gateway to Asia, but also Asia’s gateway into the world.

As a rising carrier-neutral, content-exchange company, BDx recently expanded into the tech-mecca of Singapore through the acquisition of an 1800 rack data center from Telstra. The main decision to embark into the Singaporean region was quite simple – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! With its own Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGNBN), Singapore is interconnected with a multitude of international undersea cables. The unrivaled connectivity advantages in Singapore help BDx form a network hub aimed to meet the rising internet and cloud exchange needs of customers. The BDx Singapore (SIN1) data center creates options for businesses looking to expand into Southeast Asia. Customers can easily integrate both their physical and virtual infrastructures via the BDx Single Pane into a managed hybrid ecosystem, securely connecting the new Singapore location through a highly automated cluster of data centers globally via the proprietary BDx SoftConnect.

Why is Singapore the coveted gateway into Asia?

Now described as a miniature “Silicon Valley,” Singapore’s location hits the top of our list. But what else makes Singapore so desirable to top corporations, startups, hyperscalers, media content firms and the financial industry?

BIG Innovation

The island city-state’s devotion to implementing and advancing evolving technologies such as IoT sensors, 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is infused into daily Singaporean life. In fact, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) was awarded the APICTA 2019 Public Sector – Digital Government Award for its SGWorkPass, a groundbreaking app that enables employers and personnel to check the status of work passes with their smartphones. When it comes to digital transformation in healthcare, Singapore continues to lead the way in the region and around the world with its use of various AI tools and digitalized operational procedures. There’s no denying that the “Lion City” roars with innovation.

“Digital First” Nation

The ongoing Singaporean digital revolution and advancements in digital technologies are transforming its population and fueling the economy. Singapore’s applauded National AI Strategy provides an abundance of opportunities for businesses to develop, research and deploy solutions in Singapore and throughout the region.

For bold companies, Singapore presents a spectrum of benefits.

Economic Landscape

With one of the most competitive tax environments across the globe and the lowest in the APAC region, Singapore is highly regarded as an investor’s destination. Its “Future Economy” strategy facilitates SMEs to scale up, globalize and digitize to improve international connectivity. Moreover, Singapore attributes its status as a “global financial hub” to its fierce assimilation with global financial markets and is ranked among the top 10 worldwide business destinations.

Political Stability

Serving as a major regional hub for shipping, air transport, logistics and financial services, Singapore has been one of the region’s most politically stable countries. The competent Singaporean leadership provides a progressive multilateral relationship that enables the Government, businesses and labor to conquer challenges collectively.

Low Disaster Risk

As one of the world’s most cloud-connected locations with Google, Facebook, Alibaba Group and Amazon Web Services developing a cloud infrastructure footprint into Singapore, it’s apparent with these massive corporate investments that the risk of natural disaster in Singapore is extremely low.

The BIG BDx Advantage

Customers of BDx facilities across Hong Kong, mainland China and now Singapore, have access to ideal services for local and global connectivity. The BDx Global Operating Platform allows local teams to leverage automated modules and offers customers local expertise at all BDx facilities.

As BDx continues to expand, bringing clients to the edge, the cloud and beyond, launching in the third most robust data center market in the world is a bold and courageous stride in building our portfolio across Asia and the world.

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