How BDx Drives Digital Transformation


As digital transformations accelerate across the globe, we must recognize that for such transformations to be successful, they require modern infrastructure and a robust foundation. When you begin your digital transformation roadmap, your first pin needs to land on a trusted expert who can lead your journey. Enter your #BDxpert.

At BDx, we realize that your company’s future demands digitization, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Our BDxpert’s build customized solutions and strategies to deliver you the requirements needed for digital success encompassing data storage, security and management. We start by listening to your digital initiatives and weighing out the array of available options. Perhaps it is best to move workloads to the cloud, or maybe a hybrid approach is what you need for optimal performance and scalability. As you prepare to drive digital innovation, increase your efficiencies and improve customer engagement, our dynamic data center solutions and specialists are ready to launch your digital transformation.

Sophisticated and Modern by Design 

Designed with digital transformation in mind, each BDx data center location is equipped with state-of-the-art operational infrastructure to accommodate your modern requirements. Our sophisticated solution suite includes an essential infrastructure management tool, BDx Single Pane, which plays an integral role in your transformation. By implementing this hybrid monitoring platform, you will receive complete visibility across all locations as well as your hosted and cloud infrastructure. Built on an AI-enabled platform, BDx Single Pane provides centralized control to your teams to monitor the environmental conditions of your data center footprint and provide a way to manage IT workloads, agnostic of the location. With its discovery tool, BDx Single Pane can map your enterprise IT elements across physical, virtual and cloud environments and build relationships to enable your team to have the verifiable insights needed as your digital transformation journey continues. 

Digital Visions, Transformed 

To support your visions, BDx has emerged across the APAC region with data center locations at the edge, closest to your end-users. With agile services and solutions integrated into our model, BDx delivers the flexibility, visibility and automation needed to make your digital transformation visions reality. With visibility across clouds and fabric automation, you can configure and deliver to meet critical deadlines. 

As your networking needs evolve due to increased virtualization needs, cloud migrations and IoT adoptions, our software-defined fabric solution, BDx SoftConnect™, enables you to exercise your connectivity requirements as per the needs of your IT workloads, seamlessly. 

The Need for Speed 

The new decade is here! And just look at what the ’20s has already brought us. Now more than ever, the pressure is on for companies to fast-track their digital transformations, as business and travel become more dependent on online alternatives. 

That brings us to the need for speed. BDx accelerates your transformation, and our carrier-neutral data centers deliver a plethora of alternative quick connectivity options. With rapid cross-connections and direct on-ramps to the cloud, our colocation services provide dynamic IT infrastructure and access to internet exchanges for your transformation. 

BIG Data 

Data is now BIG data, and we at Big Data Exchange, empower organizations to leverage data and use predictive analytics to make better decisions. By taking advantage of our purpose-built servers within our data centers powered by AI and ML, businesses can gain the powerful insights needed as they spotlight on digital transformation. 

As you look to embark on a digital transformation journey or need a more ubiquitous, more reliable, and secure partner, BDx is ready to lead the way. Our flawless and highly secure conditions for your mission-critical equipment and applications were created with your digital transformation in mind. Consider us your ally in the quest to outperform the competition and successfully ride through 2020, and its aftermath.

Talk to a BDxpert today and transform with BDx.