The Women Behind BDx -Meet Jennifer Spano


Welcome back to the second episode of our empowering blog series, The Women Behind BDx, where we will continue to foster the success and growth of our leading ladies. Each installment will give us a glimpse into an individual, awe-inspiring journey. As they unlock their full potential and encourage and empower others, the Women Behind BDx are making a BIG impact at BDx and throughout the data center world. From China to Singapore and across the globe, these incredible and inspiring women are making their mark on the cloud and data center industries and carrying out the BDx mission to be the best at what we do.  

At BDx, you will find the most talented, creative, devoted and knowledgeable women holding significant roles across our team. From delivering the Rolls Royce of onboarding to steering our strategic marketing campaigns and building our company’s innovative culture, the ladies of BDx are a symbol of our evolution and strength.

“ We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.” – Beyonce

As we continue this captivating series, it is our pleasure to introduce Jennifer Spano, Head of BDx Global Marketing. Jenn has been with BDx since our inception and has contributed immensely to developing our brand’s strategic public relations, marketing, advertising and event campaigns. Recently, she launched our refashioned, user-friendly website,, and created and executed our intriguing, virtual executive roundtable, A Look into Asia: Paving the Path Ahead. Moreover, Jenn was just named one of the World’s 50 Most Influential Marketers in the Data Economy. The entire BDx team couldn’t be more proud and excited that Jenn was honored with this prestigious recognition and was included among such a talented, diverse and well-respected group of global marketers.

Let’s meet Jennifer Spano, our Marketing #BDxpert

You started your role as Global Head of Marketing for BDx at the end of last year.  What attracted you to BDx?

I thought it was an exciting opportunity to get into a different tech space than I was before and also to run a PE-backed marketing department within a startup environment. Most of my previous experiences have been in startups or SME businesses, but this entire data center industry just blew my mind. In an ever-changing world, being a part of an industry that keeps people connected, despite the landscape is inspiring.

The BDx team has certainly been busy!  What is it like working with a global leadership team that is driving such rapid company change and innovation?

It’s tough and, at times, challenging, but it keeps me on my toes. It’s really motivating to work alongside many well-respected industry veterans. In this industry, you can never stop learning, and I’ve been able to successfully apply what I’ve been doing over the past 17 years in other sectors. It’s an evolving learning experience. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to refine and perfect my signature marketing matrix.

Can you tell us what your key focus for the global marketing department that you lead has been in your first six months or so with BDx?

Honestly, my main focus has been on building the brand and establishing our position, while rapidly expanding. In a competitive market, how to meet the competition and eventually gain an edge is always top of mind. With COVID-19 hitting us here in Hong Kong shortly after I began this role, and the rest of the world soon after, it certainly pivoted my original plans. My blueprint included hosting in-person events, data center tours, and attending the hottest events across the industry. However, I had to abandon those ideas and plans and shift our strategy to a virtual one. I think we’ve done an excellent job, and BDx even received a lot of initial recognition and attention, despite not being able to go out and network and meet people in person.

You recently were recognized by Data Economy as one of the 50 most influential marketers in the world! What does a recognition of that magnitude mean to you?

It’s huge! It’s something I’ve been working towards my entire career. Furthermore, I am super humbled that I made this prestigious list within the first six months of being in the data center and technology industries. When I sought to relocate to Asia, this is why – to get a different experience than what I was getting in Canada and grow that experience and knowledge that I accumulated into something great. This industry is always in motion, and to be able to be recognized as an influencer is an amazing honor. And honestly, it’s pretty motivating. I’m excited to keep pushing and see where else I may land.

As you look to the year ahead, where do you see yourself focusing the bulk of your efforts?

We have a lot of exciting things cooking at BDx, and I know many people say that, but we really do. My most significant focus is to get our experience and expertise as a collective out there and become the company to watch not only in Asia but worldwide. We’re small, but our growth trajectory is vast, and we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline that will speak for itself. My job is to make sure you hear about it, and remember that it came from BDx.

Who is the most inspiring woman?

The most inspiring woman in my career was Jackie Maze, VP of Sales and Marketing at Keilhauer. With her creative thinking and strong leadership style, Jackie truly inspired me. Also, she pushed me and showed me how to think differently.  Watching her work was an absolute treat. She made me want to be better at what I do and pushed me to be the best version of myself.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love trying new restaurants and traveling. I also enjoy running three to four times per week and Muay Thai.

Words of Wisdom

“If you’re good at what you do, you won’t have to remind people you’re a woman.”-Jennifer Spano

BDx would like to thank Jenn for her continued hard work, creativity and dedication. We are proud to have her leading our Global Marketing department.

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