BDx SoftConnect™

Connect to your network provider of choice, seamlessly.


BDx SoftConnect™ is a software-defined fabric that helps customers within a BDx data center to connect to a network provider, cloud connectivity provider or SaaS provider, based on their preferences and performance requirements. BDx SoftConnect™ has open APIs for the fabric ecosystem to connect to SDN partners,Cloud Connectivity Providers or pure play Network providers present in the MMR at BDx site.

With BDx SoftConnect™, customers can exercise their connectivity requirements as per the needs of their IT workloads. The system allows for the deployment and management of these connections to be fully virtualized and automated. The subscription model is changing from physical to virtual cross connects with a single physical cross connect delivering TelcoConnectivity, Multi-cloud connectivity, network access trading in meet-me-rooms or inter-cloud routing. In doing so, BDx increases the speed of delivery while decreasing the management overhead required.

The ability to manage the IT workload present in a colocation environment and allow it to burst elastically over multiple cloud connectivity providers present in the MMR while providing valuable Layer 3+ intelligence, security, and automation helps BDx to deliver an intelligent value-added offering to our customers.

Key Features

Enhanced visibility and monitoring
  • Easily monitor connection performance of a diverse set of providers over a single interface
  • Upgrade and downgrade easily with our software defined virtual X-connect service
API enabled
  • Publicly available APIs providing seamless integration into partners platforms
Self service
  • Intuitive simple user interface on web and smartphones that lets customers build and manage their hybrid ecosystem requirements 24 x 7
Speed and Agility
  • Our marketplace engine allows for quick and private connection from site-to-site, site-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud.
  • Transparent access to network and cloud connectivity providers present in the MMR based on price and performance characteristics using our recommendation engine helps customers to make an informed choice.
Ease of Ordering and Contract Management
  • Single window for Service and SLA management