The Women Behind BDx – Episode 1


At BDx, you will find the most talented, creative, devoted and knowledgeable women holding significant roles across our team. From delivering the Rolls Royce of onboarding and managing our customer experience to steering our strategic marketing campaigns and building our company’s innovative culture, the ladies of BDx are a symbol of our evolution and strength.

“I love technology, and I don’t think it’s something that should divide along gender lines.” – Marissa Mayer

Over the next year, through this engaging blog series titled, The Women Behind BDx, we will introduce each of our leading ladies and share how they are making a BIG impact here at BDx and throughout the data center world. From China to Singapore and across the globe, these incredible and inspiring women are making their mark on the tech industry and carrying out the BDx mission to be the best at what we do.  

As we begin this empowering series, it is our pleasure to introduce Mithila Mahajan, Head, BDx Customer Success Global. Mithila has been with BDx since our inception and has contributed immensely to developing our strategic customer success program that services all of our emerging data center locations. Recently, she helped navigate uncharted waters with us when COVID-19 hit, and she successfully pivoted her on-premise team of 16 to a powerful virtual workforce, overnight.

Let’s Meet Mithila, our Customer Success #BDxpert

What makes BDx different from other places you have worked?

Unlike other data center companies, BDx is very customer-oriented. We design solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. Our focus on hybrid cloud supports clients with what is best for their enterprise architecture. Coupled with our market-leading, service-oriented product catalog, we emphasize placing the customer’s best interests at the forefront of all our interactions, differentiating BDx from others in the market. 

At BDX, we strive to understand our customers’ needs, versus market trends and design personalized solutions to meet their evolving demands.  

What is your proudest BDx career moment, and why?

It was quite an accomplishment when COVID 19 hit, and we had to take the entire GSD platform virtual without losing a single interaction. Within three days, we completed the trial runs and moved all of our Service Desk Executives to a virtual environment; it was a proud moment. Leading the transition to this paradigm provided customers with the same level of services as before these uncertain times while ensuring the safety of my colleagues during a strict lockdown. The proof in the pudding was that our customers acknowledged our empathy and dedication to delivering uninterrupted services. 

Beyond work, another proud career moment for me is when I was recently nominated to participate and represent BDx in a Customer Experience roundtable, Decoding the CX Challenge, where I provided my expertise and insight into how the digital age has impacted CX globally. After the roundtable, there was an article published in the Economic Times, a leading publication based in India. I was happy and honored to be included and to share my experiences. 

How would you describe the culture at BDx?

I would say that the BDx culture is open and equal. At BDx, we don’t punch time clocks, and micromanaging does not exist here. While we are deadline and outcome-driven, we are supported to work collaboratively and openly to complete tasks. BDx also supports a healthy work-life balance, which, as a mother, is very important to me. The leadership here is incredibly supportive on all levels. For women, it is very encouraging, and the opportunity to climb the BDx ladder is endless. 

What is most challenging about being a woman in technology?

Technology remains the same for men or women. The challenge is the gender bias that exists for roles dominated to date by men. Change, however, is in the wings, and I am striving to be a positive role model so that gender is not in the running when career decisions are to be made. I enjoy working with people and driving change, whether in technology or processes and have never let gender drive work considerations. At the end of the day, I want to be judged as a holistic human being rather than on my gender.

Who is the most inspiring woman?

When it comes to a female industry inspiration, I would have to say, Amy Chang, Executive Vice President of Cisco. Amy Chang has paved the way for women in our industry. From being a former Google team member to leading multi-million dollar acquisitions and speaking around the world, I have always admired her dedication to breaking the glass ceiling

I find all women to be inspirational. The daily multitasking that women do as caregivers and mothers while striving to be successful and making their marks in the industry is truly inspiring.

Favorite technology?

Connectivity in general because it connects humans, not just businesses. Also, I am excited to see what 5G has in store. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I prefer to spend time with my daughter or read a good book and have a sip of Merlot. 

Words of Wisdom 

“Don’t wait for opportunities to happen, go grab what is available, and make the most of it. Remember, we need to believe in ourselves before anybody else will.” -Mithila Mahajan

BDx would like to thank Mithila for her continued hard work and dedication. We are proud to have her leading our Customer Success department.

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