The State of Infrastructure During COVID-19


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the growing data center infrastructure market has helped the world weather the COVID-19 storm. As we pave the path ahead and begin recovery efforts, new tech infrastructure, networks and data centers will ultimately lead the charge towards a dynamic digital future. The utilization of cloud, big data and AI supported by data center infrastructure has been vital in helping governments, businesses, healthcare, and citizens understand and deal with the pandemic’s effects. Governments have been able to leverage digital infrastructure to predict and model the outbreak. Worldwide, significant investments have been built into stimulus plans to ensure that modern global infrastructure development is continued as it is vital for the future. 

Infrastructure on the Rise

While the economic impact has hit many businesses hard, investments in data center infrastructure are on the rise as enterprises race to implement digital transformation to support the current landscape as well as future initiatives. According to a recent study, the global data center infrastructure market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 6.79%, reaching a total market size of over $230 billion by 2025. While many end-users turned to the cloud during these turbulent times, cloud service providers have in turn commanded more storage to support the volume of big data generated, increasing the need for physical server racks, equipment, space and power. Furthermore, the cloud is driving an increase in colocation to provide better connectivity and networking.

APAC Region 

As the Asia-Pacific market rapidly continues its progression, mergers and acquisitions are enduring COVID-19 and driving up infrastructure needs and requirements as new data centers are built and refitted. In Singapore, where BDx acquired a 1,800 rack PCI-DSS certified data center in April, the acceleration of next-gen technologies such as 5G and smart city initiatives are climbing and require increased capacity and infrastructure. As BDx continues its growth trajectory across this emerging region, our data centers are fully modernized and equipped to support enterprise infrastructure requirements. In fact, with the launch of our new website later this month, you can look inside each of our data centers and get complete facility specs and details on how we can serve your data center needs. 

In China, where the outbreak began and where BDx operates a premier data center facility in Guangzhou and Nanjing, where our new location is under construction, new internet infrastructure played a critical role in supporting retail supply chains during the quarantine. While Chinese New Year was quite different this year under isolation, with modern infrastructure in place, citizens were able to enjoy delivered meals, medical supplies and more.

China continues to invest and modernize its infrastructure to create a foundation for growth across industries. Critical investments that will help China’s COVID rebound are in networks and data centers, which lay a strong foundation for sustainable economic growth.

Around the World

With advancements across evolving technologies improving services around the world, North America, one of the major players in the data center space, is experiencing a surging demand for efficient data center infrastructure. 

In the United States, inadequate and outdated infrastructure across many states caused unemployment and other benefit sites to collapse. States are now moving toward more intelligent physical infrastructure data center systems to become more resilient and to prevent future failures. With almost every top data center operator in this country, you can expect to see an ever-growing demand for modern infrastructure.

In other areas around the world, many large corporations are on the cutting-edge of data center technology, investing in data centers across Europe and customizing infrastructure platforms to serve the world’s demand for services that keep us virtually connected from nation to nation.

The curtains may be closed on Broadway, but the spotlight is shining on infrastructure. From the first act of the pandemic to the encore that will play on, modern infrastructure has played a major role in helping the world manage and recover from COVID-19. Enterprises need to seize the opportunity offered today by new infrastructure for a promising tomorrow.

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