The Benefits of Colocating in China


The Benefits of Colocating in China

While the world watches China as it begins to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus, BDx has continued to stay focused on building and optimizing operations in the country. During a time when some businesses are wary of doing business in China because of the virus and other economic concerns, BDx is doubling down on the nation that owns one of the world’s two largest economies.

Investing in China

BDx is investing in China by providing more opportunities for businesses to connect to customers worldwide. Construction of its new data center in Nanjing I is scheduled to be completed this summer, and with a second phase to follow shortly after.

Braham Singh, Chief Executive Officer of BDx, says China has its differences and operating in the country can be a challenge for those who are unfamiliar with the nation’s stricter regulations. However, China is increasingly important for companies who want to have a true global presence and BDx has a leg up on the competition. BDx has successfully opened the door to enable successful operations in China.

“Over the last year, we’ve learned how to build relationships in China which is crucial to doing business there,” comments Singh. “We’ve learned that once you have the relationships, development gets easier because local officials are enthused about economic growth, which lends to companies having interest in bringing business there.”

Benefits of Colocating in China

For companies who want a true global foothold, gaining traction in China is a must. In addition to holding one of the world’s largest economies, the country has the most internet users with 854 million. In fact, the data center colocation market is estimated to grow considerably at a compound annual growth rate of 14.8% from 2019-2025. Being closer to the millions of end users in China increases latency for businesses providing connectivity within the country.

By working with BDx, enterprises gain access to the edge in the growing Chinese market, as well as BDx’s extensive knowledge of the Chinese business climate. BDx’s Nanjing facility is well positioned to help enterprises reach an important market. The city is the 12th largest in China with more than 12.6 million people. The new data center is also strategically located in the geographic center of the newly defined Yangtze River Delta, China’s richest region and the country’s biggest import and export base.

The BDx Advantage

Customers of BDx facilities across Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore have access to services that are ideal for local and global connectivity. The BDx Single Pane Portal allows enterprises to interconnect across the BDx network, as well as to public clouds and third-party data centers with one click. The BDx Global Operating Platform allows local teams to leverage automated modules and offers customers local expertise at all BDx facilities.

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