From the Desk of the CEO


From the Desk of the CEO

Introducing BDx: How the famed story of the fox and the hedgehog inspired the vision of a new data center company

You’re probably wondering what a fox, hedgehog and a data center company could possibly have in common. Thank you for being intrigued enough to put your caffeinated beverage of choice down to click on this! If you’ll humor me for a few moments, I’ll explain how the popular story, “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” gave Big Data Exchange (BDx) the vision and focus to build our roadmap for the future.

The Hedgehog and the Fox

In 2019, as BDx was taking shape, many challenges were in front of us. Aside from the logistical elements any new business faces, like where will we locate our headquarters and what kind of tea will we serve in the break room, our biggest looming question was how to combine our assets into something that would truly benefit the customer. Through our investors, BDx inherited data centers in China and Hong Kong, which included a combination of new builds, like Nanjing, and older data centers, which needed a lot of attention. Each was a separate entity with its own team and there was no connection between them. After months of considering how best to combine our assets into one cohesive ecosystem that would connect customers to physical and virtual infrastructure across time zones, we realized that our greatest challenge was our greatest opportunity.

Philosopher Isaiah Berlin’s essay “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” draws on the idea that the fox is known for being quite good across a general range of tasks. Think of all the things you’ve heard about the fox: they’re cunning, sly, fast, they have excellent hearing making them skilled hunters and so on. Now think of what you know about the hedgehog. If just one thing comes to mind, you’re not alone. Berlin’s essay details how the hedgehog knows one thing. The hedgehog may not have all the skills the fox does, but it knows how to curl up into a ball, stick its spines out and create an impenetrable force. If the fox hunts the hedgehog, no matter how cunning, sly or fast he is, the hedgehog will win by doing one thing and doing it extremely well. In our view, BDx is the hedgehog; the “X” in our logo represents this theory. Like the hedgehog, we’ve determined one thing we’re great at; focusing all our efforts on being the absolute best.

BDx’s One Thing

Throughout this journey, we’ve learned our true strength lies in taking underperforming data centers and retrofitting them to increase their performance and efficiency. We’ve learned to become great at targeting existing data centers and turning them into a prickly ball with spines. Inside that ball, is the ecosystem of physical and virtual racks, connected by the BDx SoftConnect, all of which are protected by the BDx Armour, and accessible via a single click with the BDx Single Pane portal.

Our offerings are made possible by the BDx Global Platform which allows us to have a central command across all data centers, making life easier for our customers and making us more economical than our competitors.

Let’s Talk

I would love to share more about our story and tell you how BDx can serve your business, perhaps over a cup of hot coffee or tea since yours has now likely gone cold. Click here to learn more or send an email to schedule a meeting with us.


Braham Singh

Chief Executive Officer, BDx Data Centers