From the desk of Bill Gao, EVP & CEO of BDx Greater China


From the desk of Bill Gao, EVP & CEO of BDx Greater China

The fight against one of the fastest growing viruses in history is a reminder to us all of our shared interests in our interconnected world. This virus has not stopped trade and investments and we have seen through Chinese customers continuing to invest in APAC, Southeast Asia and Europe. Our data centers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mumbai now have much more customer demand for colocation than before. We offer Chinese customers colocation in Guangzhou and Nanjing, China connected with virtual servers in Hong Kong, Singapore and other overseas locations can support Chinese customers’ global market expansion with easy and affordable solutions based on excellent connectivity and latency. We also offer local full service delivery and service assurance support with real remote “smart hands”, which has been well received during this tough time, with difficulties in travelling abroad to install their servers and support their systems.

We are also experiencing a bigger demand for colocation and connectivity since the outbreak as people are spending more time with online entertainment such as videogames, live streaming and social networking. Online education is booming as all students are required to stay home. Our high-quality colocation services will continue to contribute to the success of this war against virus in these categories.

Despite all the downfalls, we are happy to see global MNCs continuing to expand their business in China. Our Guangzhou data center now is providing colocation services for high end customers based on our multi-carrier connectivity and multi-cloud enabled environment. Customers such as a major food and beverage chain with 30,000 stores across 80 markets and 4,200 stores in 177 Chinese cities, as well as one of the biggest search engine companies in the world are enjoying our services daily without interruption. We expect our new data center in Nanjing will well support those customers seeking for colocation services with high reliability, security and redundancy in East China.

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Bill Gao

EVP & CEO, BDx Greater China