Invoice FAQs

Will i still receive my invoices on the same date and will my due date change?

No. Only the format of the invoice will change.

Who should I talk to about general questions regarding my bills, invoices and billing reports?

General questions about billing can be directed to BDx Global Service Desk – (GSD)
at support@bdxworld.com or via phone (HK : 800931360 or SG: 80010104087)

What kind of changes can I expect with this new format?

Invoice formats have been updated for ease of reading. We’ve also added some
additional information that is important to our customers and is in line with our
promise of customer centricity.
You’ll notice some improvements on how we present information including the key
information parameters in line with your product subscriptions viz.

  • Customers who have opted for Colocation services and have ‘Metered
    Power’ will see their unit rates, total consumption and the final usage
    amount on the invoice.
  • For customers who have opted for Colocation Service with ‘Bundled
    Power’ and are unmetered, you will see over usage information
    including unit rate of over usage, subscribed bundled power in KVA
  • Smart Hands usage detail

How can I view my invoice?

You will be able to access your invoice via BDx360.com and a copy will also be sent
to registered contacts. Please reach out to the BDx Global Service Desk – (GSD) via
phone (HK : 800931360 or SG: 80010104087) or email (support@bdxworld.com) to
make any changes to your registered contact list or access requests to BDx360.com.

Will there be any change in the way I receive my invoices?

There will be no changes in despatching invoices and will continue to receive
invoices same as before. All documents including your invoice and usage details will
be sent in a single monthly communication.

Does the payment information change also?

No. There is no change to the bank information, due dates or any other parameter.
For any help on payment information You can reach to BDx Global Service Desk –

(GSD) via phone (HK : 800931360 or SG: 80010104087) or email

What will new invoices from BDx look like?

Invoices from our are more detailed than your existing invoices. Your new invoice will
provide additional information about your services and will use product descriptions
from the BDx Product Catalog.  Please find the invoice explanation guides :
Guide for Hong Kong
Guide for Singapore

When can I expect my BDx invoice?

Invoices will be generated on the first of each month and will be despatched as per
your current contract.